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The PL7214 is a low cost/high-accuracy analog front end (AFE) IC. Measurement core includes active energy calculation, as well as voltage and current rms measurements.

The PL7214 supplies average real power information one the low-frequency outputs F1 and F2. These outputs may be used to drive an electromechanical counter or interface to and MCU. The CF logic output gives instantaneous real power information and can be used for calibration purposes.

The PL7214 includes On-chip power supply monitoring circuit on the AVDD pin. PL7214 will remain in a reset condition until the supply voltage on AVDD reaches 4V. If the supply falls below 4V, the PL7214 will also be reset and no pulses will be issued on F1, F2 and CF.

An internal no-load threshold ensures that the PL7214 does not exhibit any creep when there is no load. The PL7214 provide UART serial port which can be used to communicate with MCU.


  • Less than 0.1% error over a dynamic range of 2000 to 1
  • High accuracy, active energy measurement IC supports
    • IEC62053:2003
    • ANSI C12.20
  • Continuous monitoring of the voltage and current.
  • Differential input with programmable gain amplifiers(PGAs)
  • Phase compensation (±5°)
  • Provide Active Energy Power, Irms, Vrms, PF, Frequency information
  • Supplies average real power on the frequency outputs F1 and F2, direct drive for electromechanical counter and 2-phase stepper motors.
  • High frequency output CF is intended for calibration and supplies instantaneous real power
  • On-chip power supply monitor
  • On-chip creep protection
  • On-chip reference (Typical 25ppm/℃ drift)
  • Single 5V supply, low power( < 15mW @5V)


  • 1P2W KWH Meter
  • AMR/AMI Meter
  • Panel Meter
  • Smart Plug


  • SSOP-20
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