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PL7601 (WT7752)  

The WT7752A is a high accuracy polyphase electrical energy measurement IC intended for use in any 3-phase distribution system.

The part specifications surpass the accuracy requirements as stated in the IEC62053-2x standard. The only analog circuitry used in the WT7752A is in the ADCs and reference circuit. All other signal processing (e.g., multiplication and filtering) is carried out in the digital domain. This approach provides superior stability and accuracy over extremes in environmental conditions and over time.

The WT7752A supplies average active power information on the low frequency outputs, F1 and F2. These logic outputs can be used to directly drive an electromechanical counter or to interface with a microcontroller. The CF logic output gives instantaneous active power information. This output is intended to be used for calibration purposes.

  • Supports IEC 62053-2x International Energy Metering Specification
  • Six one-bit DAC、 second-order, 16-bit, delta sigma Analog-to-Digital Converters(ADCs), Less than 0.1% Error over a Dynamic Range of 500 to 1
  • Compatible with 3-phase, 3-wire delta and 3-phase, 4-wire Wye configurations
  • Supplies Average Real Power Measurement for Single-Phase on the Frequency Outputs F1 and F2
  • The Calibration and Instantaneous Real Power Can be Monitored through The High-Frequency Output CF
  • Logic Output REVP Indicates a Potential Miswiring or Negative Power for Each Phases
  • Direct Drive for Two Phase Stepper Motors and Electromechanical Counters (F1 and F2)
  • On-Chip Power Supply Monitoring
  • On-Chip Creep Protection (No Load Threshold)
  • On-Chip Reference 2.4 V (30 ppm/℃Typical)
  • Single 5 V Supply, Low Power (30 mW Typical)


  • 3P3W KWH Meter with anti-Tamper feature.
  • SSOP-24
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