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PL-2507   USB2.0 to IDE Bridge Controller

The PL-2507 is a single chip USB2.0-IDE bridge controller, which is designed to perform a seamless protocol transfer between the USB and ATA interfaces. It will work with full function at full speed or high speed USB transfer mode. The operating speed mode is determined by the capability of the host/hub to which it is connected. The PIO mode 0 to mode 4, Multi Word DMA mode 0 to mode 2, and Ultra DMA mode 0 to mode 4 are implemented to support difference IDE devices. The chip will communicate with the connected device to select the proper mode to obtain the best performance, The chip is implemented according to the USB Bulk-Only Mass Storage Class specification ver 1.0. Since the default driver is supported by most the OS, no additional driver is needed.

  • Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0 Compliant
  • AT Attachment with Packet Interface Extension(ATA/ATAPI) Compliant
  • ATA interface support PIO mode 0 ~ 4, Multiword DMA mode 0 ~ 2, and UltraDMA mode 0 ~ 4 to work with ATA/ATAPI devices
  • Supports one or two ATA/ATAPI devices at the same time in one IDE interface using Master/Slave device configuration. Master or Slave ATA/ATAPI single device is detected automatically.
  • Supports CompactFlash CF/CF+ True IDE mode
  • Vendor/Product related information can be customized by external SPI serial Flash or external I2C compatible serial EEPROM
  • Firmware upgradeable through USB interface
  • Multi-function General Purpose IO (GPIO) pins can be defined for USB speed LED, button inputs, etc.
  • 5 V tolerant inputs, 3.3 V output drive
  • On-chip 3.3v to 2.5v regulator to supply the power of 0.25 process core circuit

  • Package Type : LQFP64
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