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PL8000   1P Metering SoC w Power Protection (4x40 LCD, 3 UART)


The PL-8000 series is a specific design ASIC for the 1P3W/1P2W (One-Phase, Three-Wire) Power Meter (Energy Meter) application. It integrates all the functional needs for energy meter application, thus requiring fewer external components. PL-8000 also supports full set I/O function for all meter application.

PL-8000 integrates all necessary blocks for the power metering application: up to 4 channel ADC, 32-bit DSP, 8-bit high performance MCU, 4x40 LCD and LDO regulator, 32 KHz to 16MHz PLL, RTC and full set I/O function. It also provides large program memory space and data memory space, with up to 64KB flash it can store the MCU program and up to 16KB data memory. The signal chip solution can make the meter design easier and simpler. PL-8000 provide a 32-bit programmable DSP, it allow user to change the DSP program to fit different meter requirement. DSP does all the calculations for change in the DSP program. It can help to reduce the MCU effort, lowering down the MCU operation frequency, saving valuable system power.

PL-8000 provides a lot of power consumption modes. Depending on different application a user can choose the best mode and save power consumption. Each functional block can turn-on and turn-off individually, power consumption can be easily controlled by MCU firmware. PL-8000 has built-in 3/4 channels high resolution ADC for the Current and Voltage measurement.

It measures power more accurately and quickly. The ADCs also have adjustable gain amplifier from 1x to 64x gain range, it will help to extend the measurement range. Its AGC can adjust the gain range automatically. PL-8000 also has one 10-bit high accuracy SARADC for temperature, battery and external ADC inputs. PL-8000 also hosts a built-in the temperature sensor, PLL, LCD controller/drive, LCD charge pump, RTC and a lot of peripherals I/O interfaces. It enhances communication capability and provides the user more I/O flexibility. It provides the best cost performance for the signal chip solution. PL8000 is not only a versatile but also the best solution for most power measurement applications.


  • 8032T high performance MCU
  • 256B internal data memory space
  • Up to 16KB external data memory space
  • Up to 64KB flash program space
  • Timer x 5 (including a Watch Dog Timer)
  • UART x 3 (UART2/UART3 mapped to same timer)
  • I2C interface
  • SSP interface
  • SPI EEPROM interface
  • Up to 54 GPIO
  • 40x4 LCD Controller/Driver
  • Built-in RTC with frequency adjust capability
  • Best Cost/Performance
  • 2 CH 16-bit ADC with AGC for current input
  • Wide PAG 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x/32x/64x
  • 1 ~ 2CH 16-bit ADC for voltage input
  • Built-in internal temperature sensor with 10-bit ADC
  • 1-CH for internal temperature sensor
  • 1-CH for RTC Battery power monitor
  • Up to 2-CH for external for external input
  • Built-in 32-bit hardware DSP core
  • 256x32 program space
  • 64x32 data space
  • IA, IB, VA, PA, PB RMS calculation
  • ZCC, OV, UV detection
  • Offset cancelation


  • Circuit breaker
  • Power Protector
  • AC/DC Power meter
  • Energy meter
  • Power Monitor
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